STUDIO . Yngve Zakarias

pen drawing of an alphabets shipload with each letter twice

Early concept 1988

alphabets cut from old fir shelf boards shown at Art Basel 1991

Art Basel 1991

24 letter woodcut alphabet set with the Berlin-1989 computer font

Computer font

large woodcut letters each printed red or black, wall mounted in a private collection

Private coll., Potsdamer
Platz, Berlin, Germany

The year 1989, when the Berlin wall came down, I was busy with the graphic medium. Main lead at that time was the wood grain printing I had introduced the year before in my    Reutlingen exhibition.

I was invited to exhibit my woodcuts May 1989 in Lithuania.

The EXHIBITION was to take place at the National Gallery of Art Vilnius.

NICE SURPRISE, they had chosen to print the poster with wooden movable type at a local artisan printshop.

Back in Berlin, I CUT MY ALPHABET from old shelves. Next to my studio space stood a vintage newspaper press the size of a locomotive. My letters were big, too.

IT WAS PRINTED IN JUNE, one letter filled one whole page, red and black versions. Five months later the Berlin wall tumbled.


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